Typesense Search for WooCommerce

Typesense Search for WooCommerce is an addon(used in addition) for Search with Typesene.
The plugin adds features for e-commerce shops that have been made with WooCommerce.

See Demo : https://typesense.codemanas.com/woocommerce/

Replace Shop pages with WooCommerce Search

Replace the default WooCommerce Search page with Instant Search – that provides customers results within milliseconds.

  • Design matches theme 
  • Columns / Item per page settings are all inherited from WooCommerce
  • Items can be added to cart (unlike other such services)

Shop: https://typesense.codemanas.com/woocommerce/

Autocomplete Example


Show an autocomplete search form to help find your products quickly and effectively

Developer Friendly & Customizable

Coded with extensibility in mind.  Easy options to work out of the box.
Hooks and Filters, to customize and extended as needed.
Extensive documentation

WPML Compatible
Using WPML to create a multi-lingual shop ? 
Typesense for WooCommerce works out of the box with WPML.